Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thats Chic

That's Chic is a blog owned by Rachel who posts pictures of her style and daily wardrobe! Quirky, fun, risk taker, confident is what I see her as. Love her pics!
Have a look at some of her pictures below that are from her blog ...

Lace, my ultimate love, worn in a manner I have never seen before! Gorgeous!!
This style of a dress with a belt you will never go wrong with!
One of my fav styles!

fell in love with the lace style piece of clothing
Trendy & Stylish!!
I love knotted shirts! Skirt really cute!

Loved the combo of denim shirt and puffy skirt

Image Credits: Thats Chic


  1. LOVE IT!!!! vERY fRESH and different, unique as welll!

  2. i love it when i see someone who doesn't care if she looks different...she takes the initiative to create unique and quirky looks...they work!