Thursday, August 5, 2010


Get creative and come up with some great S*ucy designs so you can have the chance to win the S*uce Design a Dress Competition!


  1. Hi, guess you have to do it: S*uce is simply one of the most creative shop I've ever seen so do your best and good luck!

  2. Niiice i wonder if you have to be in dubai for this competition? Firstly, I'm leaving because I'm going back to school next year :) and... i miss my family in australia :) hehehe
    I will really miss dubai :(( I'm doing all the tourist things right now.. Up burj khalifa, using ski dubai... :) Everyday doing these things makes me realise how much i'll miss it here :(((

  3. ooooh this competition sounds really cool.. i'll pass it on to my more talented sister hahaa.. i admire fashion she design ..sigh.. you cant do it all.

    Meho xx

  4. Mikapoka! truely! i agree!

    Catherine: we will miss you! it was nice meeting you and having you here! Dubai will miss you too! if you want anything, need help whatever it is please do let me know:)

    Meho: It's a good opportunity for you sis!! Wishing her luck! :)