Monday, August 9, 2010

Adding it to my list ------>

Previously, I posted about my "Signature Scents" today Im adding one more to the list!
Coromandel, one of the perfumes from Les Exclusifs de Chanel, was a perfume created in 2007 by the Master perfumer Mr. Jacques pole.Every time I spray this perfume on, I realize why I like it so much. So my style of scent, its strong and spicy yet oriental and woody. It has these mystique amber vibes and detailed patchouli scent.

I wasn't so sure until now if Im a fan of the 'patchouli scent' in general but now it's growing on me. I Love it! It's a beautiful fragrance that adds elegance to a woman.

You can try the Les Exclusifs de Chanel perfumes in the Chanel store at Dubai Mall.

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  1. totallly agreee, beautiful scent, and not one that is easily found tooo!