Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


She loves hanging out at:
She wears:Leopard.
She eats.
She bakes.
She loves.
She sips: Hazelnut Latte.
She wears.

She always needs.
She believes.

Chic-est of them all!

Loved their style!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just add that STATEMENT....


The earrings!

The brand "Flutter" is all about they crystal statement and excitment!
Wear it with a plain top or dress and you'll look "all dressed up" in a jiffy! ;)

Akong! The necklaces that you will witness below are one of its kind. May not be your style but sure is mine! I see these necklaces on a crisp white shirt and high waisted trousers with a ponytail and statement heels. Knowing me, i would still add a pair of clip on earrings!!
The colors just fascinate me!

Love tassels! What can i do! :p

Jm3a Mbarka

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


She loved hanging out at Glittery Jimmies.

She *hearts*.
She wears accessories.

She goes to:
She reads.
She loves.
She eats.
She believes.

Fashionable Books

Quirky, fun, and fashionable reads!

I haven't read this one but Kelly Cutrone is known for her strong personality and willingness to teach girls how to survive a stressful/hectic/demanding/working LIFE.
Go into a world of the 1920's,30's,40's,50's...and witness Vogue Covers of the time! You can seesaw the cover transformed from then to now...

This one is my ALL TIME FAV! Rebecca Moses is someone i can completely relate to and i agree with each and every tip, comment, and advice she has put into this book. She believes that fashion is not just in dress sense, but the way you live a life of style!

The goddess guide 2 is also another quirky fun read! Takes you through the small things that makes Gisele happy and her experiences when meeting people and advice on all fashionable things!!

Miss Piggy is all about herself and how to make herself happy! She has a certain code of how to make a "diva" satisfied and how "diva" should act!

Need i say more? Style Guru Rachel Zoe is set to educate girls of how to dress and look the best! The book is filled with tips, idea's and advice that you will cherish forever.

Inspirations from modern icons The Ellements of style is a book that takes you through people who express their style values so differently and how happy and confident they are with them! Filled with quotes, pictures, and icon's styles - a great coffee table book!

-by: Tracee Ross

Friday, April 8, 2011

said by DVF:

Inspiring words by DVF:

You pick up the phone or write one email, and it will change somebody's life, and for you it was such a small effort. My mission in life is to empower women. I do it through fashion, through mentoring, through philanthropy. Its all one. When you get to my age, if everything around you-- what you do and who you are and who your kids are and what you read, et certera-- if all of these things make sense and are coherent, then you have a successful life. Thats it. Thats your story.