Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last year this time.

We were in a different place running behind countless dreams and today here we are again in a different place running behind altered dreams.

Time changes everything. And I mean everything. Your looks, your habits, your character your visions, your thoughts and maybe many more other things.

They also say that time is a great healer; it heals the broken memories, and helps you discover that the change time bought was perhaps maybe a good one. For us, emotional beings, this is a something that is hard to get over; I.E: the change time brings.

Change (verb): definition? Easy to understand, however, the definition of change in action is sometimes very painful in an unjustifiable way thus, I shall let each of you reflect on your experiences and that should explain. . . The damage time has made.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Breakfasts she hosts

Every now and then .. On a Saturday morning we gather all dressed up for a homey heartwarming breakfast with the family.


The un-existed so called perfection.

People chase it, look for it, and try to achieve it but how can you run behind the non - achievable?

The life we live in graces good, beautiful, pretty but nothing's perfect.

Things that we create, lives that we make, stories that we tell, dreams that we wish are all in favor for perfection, but if you look closely nothing really is.

You will always find a crack in the house that was built with the best cement. An annoying habit in a beautiful person, a un - thought- of mistake in a perfectly planned event.

There will always be that evident (minus) in the most fabulous (plus) nevertheless we should still hope. Because that's what keeps us going. Because that drives the 'I will try again next time to not repeat that mistake' thought and this helps shape ourselves into growing to be better people in this toxic world.

For me, I would leave it as 'hoping for perfection' as I am an individual who has rested her worries and thoughts of tomorrow on hope and only that.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fancy a Cloud 9 ?

"I fell off my pink cloud with a thud" - Elizabeth Taylor. 

When I read this quote I said to myself this is ME x 1000%. 

 Yes, because I am an over obsessing daydreamer. Hey, don't get me wrong here but a girl needs to daydream doesn't she

We all have different styles and reasons of daydreaming. For me it's sort of an escape from reality into a world filled with possibilities; and all you need to do to transport yourself there is the following:  

1. Pause  
2. Look at something  
---------------------------------> And off you go...resting on cloud 9 

Oh the fluffiness

I'm really bad though! Seriously. I can doze off for 5 minutes without realizing. 
I yell at myself (mentally of course) to get back on track and to quit this 'dream works' but the scripts and plots of stories my brain creates is so exciting, so perfect, so sought after that escaping perfection is hardly easy. (You would understand, wouldn't you?) 

I remember somebody once telling me "Go to sleep tonight and dream, dreaaaaam all you want, but once you are up and wide awake please come back to reality." Here I chuckled and replied positively, "But daydreaming is healthy, it helps you hope." 

 I can't alter my daydreams. Especially since sometimes it leads to creativity. 
But what I can afford to do is to dream because dreams have the potential to turn into sweet - stunning reality.