Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hmm... SO, what have we here...?


"It was a 2009 inspiration... that lead to many creations..." The shell era is back.

Accessories by: Aurelie Bidermann

Handbag by: Marc Jacobs
This is amazing! Loved it!
For days that you are out all day and in a rush... hopping from one errand to another, might i suggest you invest in one of these "oh so necessary" Balenciaga messenger bags? Loved them! perfect for a spring summers day and can transform into a clutch ;)

2011 is all about the skirts. The short, the long, the slim, the pouffy and the fishtail. Invest in one this year.
River Island
Jil Sander

Enjoy Splurging! ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


She loves hanging out at Galler.
She *hearts* Jumeirah
She craves the yummiest bread ever. Pappa Roti.
She hopes too.
She cant live without: jewels.
She adores Hippo.
She has yet to try.
She is currently obsessed with Carluccio's coffee.

She enjoys a good club sandwich.
She believes in.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh La La!!

With many too many shopping sprees we need to keep updating our arm candies with these, should I say lovelies!?


Image Credits: Purse Blog

Notes by Rachel Zoe

So I started reading the Rachel Zoe book and bookmarked a few things that I felt were advices I would like to someday go back and read...I'm sharing it with you so you can see what I mean.

The book is amazingly written with tips from designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, style codes by Anne Hathaway, lists of easy ways to look glam, and how to achieve the perfect make up style.

An enjoyable read for every Fashion Lova!

"Living it up because your truly alive. There's an intrinsic charge to those three very simple words: Living it up. Its all about being happy, positive, alive. There is something so chic in the brevity of the phrase, as if it were a synonym for itself. On those nights when we live it up, we feel our most glamorous of all, our most confident. Right?" - RZ
"Eyes closed or open, just dream." -RZ
" Its important to have good friends around who can point out when you look like damn fool." -RZ
"Ultimately, whatever you choose to wear for a special event has to feel comfortable on the outside and within yourself." -RZ

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sheloves hanging out at The Village with Fashionistic Observer

She Loves Balenciaga.

She craves Thai Wok
She scribbles alot, and doodles her thoughts.
She enjoys breakfast at home on weekends with yummy treats!!
She runs errands with a lot of accessories.
She believes in:
She *hearts* timeless scents.
She wears leopard.
She adores her favorite flowers: Orchids.
She takes pleasure in shopping for magazines.
She enjoys a GOOD cuppa coffee.
She is currently wishing for:
An adventure.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoy Fashion!

"To some people fashion is something they just have to follow, to me its all about expression. "
Sunglasses by: Illesteva
Top by:Markus Lupfer
Skirt by: A.L.C
Heels by: Charlotte Olympia
I Pad Case by: YSL

This is a great look for a day full of work!
Enjoy Fashion.