Tuesday, May 10, 2011


She enjoyed: Shake-Shaking.
She wears.
She eats:Bens Cookies.
She loves:glitter shoes.
She reads.Align Center
She *hearts* orchids.
She loves:Missoni.
She believes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Smiles can be contagious.

Read the above carefully.


We stand there, in front the mirror, applying a base and a coat, sheen and some shimmer, eyeliner for some glamour, a lipstick for some drama. We use brushes and some tools; we hope to achieve a signature look. We sit and we scrutinize, we observe and we criticize.

Ladies, there is just one valuable tool, and that tool cannot be bought. That tool is a gem that you must find and then treasure, that diamond will leave you with an everlasting glow, and that tool is your grace and your smile. That device that attracts us to your beauty is your charismatic smile that will transform your contagious charm which will then be seen inside and out.

The definition of beauty comes from within, deep inside your soul. Your heart, your smile, and your grace. The way you walk, the style you talk, the ambitions you have, the kind of life you live, thanking God for each imperfection that makes you this special beauty everybody wished they had.

Let us not only be remembered for our beauty, for each and everyone of us holds a certain beauty that is unique to us, but lets be remembered for our personality, for our kindness, for our character, for our patience. Lets be women of great inspirations that hold with them a list of good deeds. Lets be the women of loveliness and elegance. Lets be the women of great change. Lets be the women who live a life to make their dreams come true. Lets be the women who help the ones in need, lets be the women of 2011 with uncontrollable beams.

Lets make the right choices, do the right things, be the greatest we can.

Lets eat heart marshmallows and spread the love to inspire our world!