Monday, August 23, 2010

Satchels & Batchels!

The Cambridge Satchel Company is famous for its 'Satchels' & 'Batchels' which are leather bags that come four sizes. 11", 13", 14", & 15".

The 15" one is the most useful and best one for students and professionals since you can easily fit a laptop with papers, notepad and a wallet.

The difference between a satchel & a batchel is that a batchel is a satchel but with an additional top handle which makes it sometimes easier to carry around.

You can also have you initials engraved to give your satchel a personal touch and comes in vibrant funky colors! Also, works perfect with a blazer look!

So whaddya think?


  1. LOVE THESE BAGS!!!!!!!!! bRIEF CASES inspired bags r sooo IN RITE NOW!!! tHANKS for sharing!!