Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's exploration ...

So its been a while since I took a stroll at one of my favorite malls and browsed the latest updates on what's on the racks...
Below are some and i repeat SOME of the things i added to my wish list *in my brain*

Ahh... fashion... you create glitters in my eyes and sparkles in my heart!

This post is dedicated to a friend who is also a fabulous follower :D

Matthew Willimson

Black Sequin dress- Balmain

Ysl- documents case
TO DIE FOR Ruffles marchesa dress!
So want this piece!
Amazing jewels by one of my favorite jewelry designer
Miriam Haskell

Fendi Wedges
Observer, i think your gona like this one! ;)
this pic is dedicated to you!
Fendi handbag!
Ohh and while stepping out and leaving my wish list behind i spotted this colorful suitcase!
Perfect for the winter holidays that are around the corner!!


  1. I LalalalaaaaaaV !! I'm not surprised, Mashallah you've always got the eye for great peices :)

  2. LOVED THE FENDI WEDGES!!! DEADLY CHIC!!! Thanks Constant Catwalk, u know me too well!!!! I misss moe tooo!!! Glad u had a good time :D