Friday, November 5, 2010

Dust free Abaya's

Finally!!!! 3M created a quick fix for our abaya's!

Its this great product called lint rollers which is a 3M patent - handle roller that has an adhesive in which it removes hair, dust and tiny dirt particles from your abaya... stuff that the naked eye cant see!!

This is a great buy since it keeps your abaya spotless and dust free at all times!

Something i have personally been in search for since a long time!

LOL! I also tried it out and it worked!
Cute pink one for my bag! its so light! You wont even feel its in there!


  1. Where can i find it in Dubai? I love the pink!

  2. The product can be found at Carrefour, ACE hardware, Spinneys and Union Co-op! :)

    Thanks for passing by!!

  3. Very fine capture of motion.
    I like your hands^_^
    they seem rather Artistic.