Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dream Home

I want famous American interior designer Miles Redd to design my home.

He first moved to NYC to study film, but later realized he was more interested in decorating and interior design so he started working for an antique dealer John Rosselli.

Below are pictures of one of the apartments he decorated with beautiful colors and amazing ideas!

His work is amazing.

Redd started decorating his friends apartments in New York, then one job lead to the other which allowed him to open an office.

He has also been named Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta home



  1. i had to try to breath, it was getting hard to digest one picture after another…DEADLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reallly hope he can design your homeeeee!!!! BeyonD FAB post!!!

  2. LoooooL Likewise babe!!!!!

    thhhaannkks! :D