Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mary Quant?

Not only the popular inventor of the "Mini Skirts" & "Hot pants", Mary Quant the
creator and owner of 'Mary Quant' make up line that was born in the 1970's and 1980's.

Quant was a British fashion designer who studied illustration, before taking a profession at couture milliner. She started her early career with her husband Alexander Plunkett-Green.

ABOVE, are some of the images of the Makeup brand that used to be a "Must Have" back in the days when my mom was growing up. It was the Mac brand of those days according to my mother.

Mary Quant has written four books, one of which is her auto biography called:

Quant by Quant ...

Books on makeup:

Color by Quant
Quant on Makeup
Classic Makeup and beauty book

Quant resigned in 2000 when she sold the company to the Japanese, who have spread more than 200 stores of Mary Quant makeup today.


  1. Love love love her unique style!!! Wish she still continued!! Thanks for a lovely post!!! :D