Friday, October 8, 2010

Because its White.

Every spring we wait anticipating for the funky and bright colors the designers are going to bring on the catwalk... but seems like this year Dolce and Gabbana had other plans in mind. Their spring 2011 collection was awesome! All we saw was white and a few printed green fabrics with beautiful intricate details of Lace and embossed white fabrics ! ! You can never go wrong with a white piece, it's an investment that you'll treasure and use for years!


  1. Wow. They're breath-taking. So white, so pretty! I love the lace, the details the whiteness. All of them are just toooooo pretty.

  2. the fourth look is my favorite!!! i love wearing white!


  3. A: I totally agree! the lace is what adds the charm to the pieces! ;)
    Zarna: white is such a color that looks good even on its own!

    thanks for passing by ladies :)

  4. divine!!!

    i just bumped into your blog! loving it! there's give away on my blog - come and enter!!! :D

    xoxo from rome