Monday, June 7, 2010

YSL??? Is That you?

This season I seem to have seen a twist in YSL collection, don't you think??
It's usually more Chic/Couture style... Im not saying this collection does not have a twinge of Chic/Couture its just that there is summery colors which i find LOVELY anyway,
Who docent love color?? Especially in summer!?!?!? 

Check the collection I am raving about:


  1. i agree! but i think its a good change. i loved most of the looks. i loved the fact that they mixed vintage with modern & colors!

    p.s pls remove the word verification im not a spammer promise:P

  2. Exactly, the collection misses the YSL vibe,

  3. I LOVE THE COLLECTION, every single piece is detailed and themed to perfection, very good job by YSL, usually boring but this time seriously outstanding, stunning and smart, gREAT observations!

  4. i loved the change too! I love YSL they always manage to create a unique collection that defines them.