Monday, June 28, 2010

On my last day I would like to

It was a world I was not familiar with; I opened my eyes to the annoying alarm clock that was ringing next to my ears!
I was nervous, 1001 things running through my mind, it was my first day I was wondering will I be able to perform every task they ask me to do!?
I shook my brain and told myself “you are a bright young lady and you should remain confident.” – (I kinda needed the boost)

It was a sunny morning and my best friend and I were ready to start a new chapter of our life, meet new people, over come some difficult tasks and make mistakes to learn from and gather memories that we would cherish forever… and so we did.

We did all that and more, we felt like we entered a family of 5 floors that welcomed us and treated us with modesty.

It was a change from the daily routine, from the same people we encounter on our day to day life, it was a change that allowed us to be more open to different ideas that left us with interesting perspectives, it was a change and a good one I must say. There is so much we learnt and so much we have yet to learn but the encouragement that we got left us inspired and confident and made us feel, yes we are capable of maybe, doing something that was only just a dream.

I would like to thank all of you whom took out time for us, and spoke to us, advised us, took care of us, encouraged us, inspired us, and made us feel that we are worth your while.

It’s an experience, a chapter in my life, a whole new world that I’m not sure if I’m ready to close.
“To us this was the beginning, not the end.”
Thank you all once again.


  1. Glad your experience was memorable... we will miss you!
    (Oh and i'm sure you'll successfully make it in the fashion world, and wherever else you really want to..)

  2. Thanks Jessy! :) Really sweet of you <3

  3. ohhh but why??

    i was glad i found your blog :(

    Stay in touch, and good luck with whatever you do next.

    Meho xx

  4. ohh no, this post was not formy blog hun, it was for someone else...
    don't blog is not going anywhere :)

  5. Oh well done :) hope to see lots more fashion posts from you! xx

  6. omg that really scared me!!! ur blog is AWESOME and so are you! & im so glad ur not going anywhere lol xox

    p.s just followed u on twitter:

  7. So if your not going anywhere, is it a new job you have?