Friday, June 11, 2010

Latest Buy

While Shopping @ BloomieS yesterday, I came across these shoes that i fell in love with *as usual* 

I found the box so cute <3
Its by Suecomma Bonnie who is a Korean Designer started her brand in 2003 which has now grown to be famous among TV drama's, female stars, and films. 

The meaning of "Suecomma Bonnie" :
Suecomma Bonnie represents a shoes world and the brand name was made by combining the words 'sue' which sounds like 'shoe' and 'Bonnie' which is the nickname of Bohyun Lee, CEO and Designer of Suecomma Bonnie.


  1. LOVE THEM! BL 3AFIA HUN!!! reallllly beautiful!!!

  2. Did you find them in Bloomies in the US? Love the brand.

  3. nop here in Dubai, United arab Emirates :)