Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Margaretha Ley

Co Founder and Cheif Designer, of

Mrs. Ley and her husband, Wolfgang Ley, founded Escada in 1979 and built it into an international company, which they then named, Escada, which means staircase in Portuguese.

 Since her death in June 1992, Escada’s designs haven’t been the same. I’m hoping to see the Designer who will bring the real “vintage Escada” fabric and designs brought back to the ramp soon since whenever I look back at my aunt’s oversized silk shirts and amazing blazers I want to own some of my own!!!

Some of my Escada Vinatge Accecories handed down to me by my aunts:

This is my moms Vintage Escada Chain Belt:


  1. the black earrings amazing, i hope Escada goes back on track soon,