Friday, May 7, 2010

Make Your Own SHoes

I came across this really cool website that allows you to design and create your own shoes with your own personal style!

This website is brought to you by two sisters, Katy Chandler & Julia Grinham and say that the story behind this idea is that they were tired of shopping and not finding the perfect shoe so they then decided to create something that could fit everyone's personality and style.

You make you own shoes from choosing the fabric to the color and style!
This is a sample of the shoe that was created...


  1. wow, great idea!!! ill check it out now, btw how do i get the reactions tab on my blog? x

  2. I know ! Its truly an amazing idea! !

    You just go to layout
    blog post (which is n the middle) Click on edit
    then another page pops out..
    below you'll need to check on the box where it says reactions and add any reaction you like :)

    Hope this helps .. if you need more help pls. feel free to ask me anytime :)


  3. oh, doesnt look right! i have only 1 check box? sorry for spamming ur page:9

  4. Maybe cz the words you wrte are too long, you might have to shorten them ..