Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Have Yet To Try ...

Pierre Herme Macaroons...

After leaving Fauchon at the end of 1996, Pierre Herme was set to open his own bakery boutique. His first store that opened in 1998 was in Tokyo followed by his and after that Salon de The in 2000.
He also has an online website where people from France and Europe can order online.

*This one's for you Observer*

Pierre Hermes Store In Paris

Cakes, Pastries, Macaroons, Buiscuts, and Chocolates are all available.

Pierre Herme Himself

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  1. UR THE SWEEETEST!!!!! Thanks a milllion!!!!!! serious beauty, his macaroooons, aaaaaah wish the world was all macaroons, cupcakes and flowers! Thanks wayed!

  2. Tell me about it F! Was craving a macaroon while just looking at them!

    Anytime Observer! Its just when i saw the illustrations on the boxes i thought of u!

  3. Wow! No wonder Fauchon's are the best macaroons I could get here in the UAE. Nice blog!!!! :)