Thursday, March 18, 2010

P.S I Care

There was love, there was laughter, there was kindness, there was care, the were cupcakes that were temping, there were roses that looked contemporaneous, there was everything that was eye catching and then there was a campaign called: P.S I Care.

P.S I Care is a campaign done by two Zayed University PR and Advertising students whose goal was to "spread random acts of kindness" from a smile, to a sticky note, from distributing cupcakes as well as roses.

We never think of spreading "Random" acts of kindness but with practice i believe it will become a habit. so today lets start, i'm going to start by letting all my friends and family out there know that i love them for being so amazing!

P.S I Care

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  1. Sb7an allah I had the same idea and I was going to start this campaign a year ago but then I got swamped with university work. But it's still so sweet!