Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Petite BimBo By: Constant Catwalk

Spring is here and I can’t decide “What shall I buy today” is still on my mind.

There was a Chanel that caught my eye, and a YsL that was a limited edition find.

I peaked at the peek-a-boo and wondered to myself "Hmmm its nice,but what’s new"?

I surrendered with the bag hunt and carried on, for summer clothing like Missoni and Pucci I saw them and wanted them all !

In that moment there, I wanted to cast a spell, that would allow me to spend till time ends!

“What shall I buy today” is never a mystery, its always a crime. There’s always something new that keeps up the curiosity and I think to myself "Ok this is a Vintage find"!

Louboutin’s are my favorite, his collections are divine makes me go insane with the collection he creates!

Statement pieces are my signature buys; I pick it up and go “This is mine”!

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