Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To my one and only.


Nephew. I <3 you.="">

I love you with all my heart,

Till death do us part.

You are the sunshine on the darkest days,

You are the cause of bringing a smile to my face when my happiness is gone astray.

The warmest hug I’ve ever received, is from you my little one with tiny little teeth.


As soon as she stepped into her house the warmth of her nephew’s hug rapidly sent a smile to her face.

He tugged her dress and with his tiny fingers and pulled her signifying that he wanted her to walk with him to the boxes of toys where he went looking for a Minnie mouse.

3amo, were Minnie?” he asked her. She looked at him puzzled.

She was not sure why he was asking her where his toy was until a few minutes later, when his nanny secretly gave him a wrapped object, to later turn around and find her nephew walking towards her with a ‘Minnie and Mickey’ cuddly toy wrapped in crisp transparent cellophane and stark red silk ribbon.

3mo, this for you.” He handed the gift towards her. “3mo (Minnie) and 3abady (mickey)” he said with a smile.


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