Monday, May 20, 2013

A Bridal Shower she hosted.

A month of planning, 5 shopping trips and 3 checklists later KH’s (my sister/cousin) bridal shower commenced with full flare.

We celebrated K’s bridal shower on the 11th of May in pastels and florals, with lots of friends, glitter, cotton candy, balloons and smiles.

We wore dramatic floral headbands, creatively crafted by the fabulous @fashionistic_observer. (Who is also known as my partner in crime) and we sipped on chilled milk rose drinks that left the girls only craving for more!!

It’s always lovely to have to gather family and friends around for food and fun, that’s all I’m cooped up doing these days. What can I say I’m experimenting my fashionable skills everywhere:p

We love you K and wish you a life full of love, happiness, and health! mwah!

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