Tuesday, March 1, 2011

off to la La laNd...

When times get tough you just want to escape the exaggerated world, do your own thing, come face to face with your conscious and subconscious in a place where imagination does not recognize limits, and for some of us, escape the noisy lot!! ;) Hahaha!

Well lets face it, fashion & other things do add on to a whole load of positiveness and when looking for inspiration, some of us go to not only fashion but the people of fashion, that crowd, those icons, people behind the brands while, some of us try to conclude the deeper meaning behind the books we read, the shows we see, the experiences we went through, the flashbacks we live through, the repeated conversations in our mind, the hurtful memories that pushes us forward and tells us never to look behind....

Below, I jotted down some things that meant something to me while reading, watching, writing and being INSPIRED...

Vivienne Westwood

" I've got a category called "all these other things", which I hardly ever get time to do but I do make time whenever I can to read. I don't go on holiday, and I don't do things, I just read and go to museums and I think thats all what these other things are about. My manifesto is about me having to try and communicate these things because after all that investment in trying to understand how the world could be a better place I think its sane and not arrogant in anyway, I think its wonderful to tell people what I think is important and thats what my manifesto is all about, how people can change the world."

Daphne Guinness

HOw do you achieve fashion originality?
I never follow trends and I don't believe in must-haves. Once something is labeled a must-have, I lose interest. Why should anyone tell us what we must-have?

Louise Grey

Inspiration strikes where?
In your heart first.
Where do you get your inspiration?
I like the idea of people obsessed with seeing whats really around them and then allowing themselves to dream.

Gossip Girl

"They say that the universe has a great sense of humor that sometimes having your dreams come true can feel like a nightmare, because getting what you want always comes with strings attached & even when you think you're finally in the clear your never home free"

Rebecca Moses

Stylish People are courageous.
People who live a life of style are passionate about how they communicate and live their style. Fashion dosen't dictate to them. They select fashion based on their style needs. They define their own beauty, create their own trends. They love their imperfect nose, the texture of their hair; they accentuate their long legs or pale skin; they vacation where they want to be rather than migrate with the masses, for they know who they are and what they love. They define personal style. Stylish people believe in themselves, and are willing to take risks. They have a huge sense of self confidence; they maintain their beliefs and endure any criticism of who they are. They do not blend into a crowd... rather they stand out from it.


  1. Wow! I've been far from your blog for so long and I really missed a lot: love your new layout as well as your latest posts! Ciao bella ^_^

  2. Gracias Sweeety!

    Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!
    It means a lot!

    :D :)