Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Sense

We all have our own style. We find ourselves stylish in what we choose to wear.
We express ourselves differently and some of us find a way to do that with fashion.
We don't care what people think and walk in confidence.

One of my most desired designers: Mary Katranzou!
Each and every collection of her's is a "must have" piece for me ! I swear!
She is a genius.
Tom Ford's Black Orchid set.
Includes, pressed perfume! How chic!
Violet lipstick & nail varnish.

Loved it!!
mac mascara! So cute for your handbag's make up purse!

Balenciaga Purse Spray
Always a necessity.

Loving the colors of Fashionista's at Paris Fashion week! ;)
Its always exciting to see people and how they dress, their sense of unique style.

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