Thursday, February 17, 2011

To ALL the Capstone-ers of Fall 2011

So now the next batch of students are ready to embark on their capstone journey and I sense the tension and stress in the air. I have written a few words for all of you.

I want to wish you guys the BESTEST OF THE BEST of luck. InshAllah you guys will all ace it and will produce amazing pieces of work that will inspire us, make Zayed University and your parents proud.

Get ready and tighten your seat belts for: It’s a hell load of stress, deadlines, management skills, patience, perseverance, tolerance, maybe some tears here and there, confusions, discoveries, wisdom, knowledge, but most importantly an adventure that when you look back at, you will hopefully cherish the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY and InshAllah the PRETTY!

We all embark on journeys sometimes not paying attention to the days that lead us to moments that make up this journey and only concentrate on the destination, which in your case is your date that ends this semester, aka your final year at university, and wait for the day you get your degree in your hands. After all, we all hope to exceed and excel but none of it is worth it if you lose the essence of the capstone project which is a practical learning test that is supposed to help us understand the skills of working in the real world. It’s not about who did what, or what you did where, it’s about what you did to reach there. Its less about “ME” and more about “WE”, its less about “YOU” and more about “US”. How is your project going to help make this place better, how is this project going to make “YOU” better? If you’re going to strive to succeed, make it worth your while.

My advice to all you talented Capstone-ers: There may be many options and many decisions you may have to make spontaneously, all I can say is- Choose wisely, and don’t regret for a second any mistake, any delay and any misfortune for as it always has a reason for not working out.

Keep remembering Allah, hold his hand and trust me, all will be fine.

*Warm Hugs*

Best Regards,

Constant Catwalk.

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