Saturday, September 11, 2010

Till Next Year!

So Ramadan is over now and so is the tarweeh and qiyam el lail prayers, the family gatherings with lots of food, the preparations of Eid, and the bedazzled jalabiya mini fashion show that would happen at home!

During Ramadan my routine had changed… I would be awake the whole night and fall asleep after Fajer prayers… my days would be busy filled by reading Quran, praying, and spending time with my family. This year was different as I promised Allah that I would not do anything to distract myself from this holly month. This was a month I devoted my self to Allah as this was my “to-do-list” I made since last Ramadan. Today, I proudly check that to-do list and welcome Eid. !

Hello Eid!

For those of you around the world let me give you a small introduction to you about Eid!

It’s a glamours occasion where we gather as a family and go visiting to greet our extended friends and family. It’s an occasion, like Ramadan, where food is an essential and dressing up in new clean clothes is a must!


My eyes were weary, as I hadn’t slept well from the night before; I rubbed my eyes and smelt the strong smell of henna that was coming from my hand. It’s been 5-6 years if not more, that I apply henna for Eid but this year for some reason I was persistent.

“Baba, what time should I be ready tomorrow morning?”

“8 am sharp.” My eldest brother said sternly “and don’t be late as we need to come home for 9alat el ‘67r”

I made sure I wake up early the day before Eid so that I could sleep early, but still couldn’t catch enough sleep. I didn’t want to be late so I drove myself out of bed and went in for a shower. Swiftly applied my make up hoping i would get the 'look' i want! This year I was going for the smoky eyes 'look'… black kohl on top and inside my eyes and greenish black shadow in between for my final touches, I brushed my favorite LancĂ´me ‘Star Bronzer’ all over my face and volumized my lashes with my fav 2000 calorie Max Factor mascara.

My pink ‘Dream Dress' was hanging so beautifully, adorned with the finest French lace and picturesque pinks! I couldn’t wait to wear it… but before I slipped my dress on, I made sure that I amber scented it with dkhoon and perfume so it could smell as beautiful as this day!

I loosened my twisted curls then later while applying my lipstick, my mother comes into the room and signals me that its time to leave. I quickly put on my black suede pumps, pulled on my glittered with sequins abaya, wrapped my shaila loosely around my face and make an exist. Heading downstairs on my way towards the car, I greet my parents and siblings with smiles and warmth. Our family drives on Dubai’s pretty lanes heading to greet close family and friends happily welcoming eid! :)

“Kel 3am Wento eb5air”

Hope all of you had a lovely Eid!



  1. kl 3am winty b5air o 97a o salama Inshalaa!!! Your dress seeems perfect Mashalaa!!


  2. I like your rings!

  3. Observer: Went eb5air sweets! Thanks!

    Ire A: Thaannkkss!!! :D

  4. 3eedkum mbarak, Mashallah ur dress looks beautiful, where is it from? and ur henna looks beautiful :)

  5. Hotness: Thanks

    Thanks Shamma :D
    My friend and i are designers who will be selling these type of dresses at s*uce, InshAllah in the coming month it will be available

  6. That's amazing... i've been searching for the perfect lace dress, inshallah i will be waiting for ur collection and i hope to see pictures on your blog

  7. Awwww!!! thats the sweetest thing! Thank you so much! inshallah, for sure... if you want give me your email i will send you updates about our upcoming collection!


  8. thanks so much dear my email is

  9. Perfect!
    Anytime sweets! My pleasure! :)