Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Dreams

I need you to come true,
I hope one day you do,
I wake up every day and plant a tiny seed and work hard so I see a small wish from a big fantasy become real.
I know I'm a girl with big dreams and enthusiastic wishes,
I am well aware that you, my beautiful dream will take time, that dreams have no measurement or size, thats why I chose to not waste any time in bringing you alive.
DO any of you have any big dreams? Just believe that they will come true, if not today one day when the time is right you'll remember that "ohh, I once wished this dream to come true" ...

I found these images from this website,, you can download the last one and fill it in with all your dreams ...


  1. Dreaaaams without them what would the point of life?

    LOVE your post!!!!! Makes u think more about ur dreams!!

  2. Thaaannkk Yooouu!! :) :D Follow your dreams <3