Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yes, I am a dreamer.

Someone once told me:

You dream to much,” she said sternly. “Your head is always high up here in the clouds.” She added while waving her hands aggressively emphasizing on the heights of my dreams.


Today, I am upset. Maybe a bit too upset that I don’t even want to talk about it, needless to say I’m not one for pouring her hear out. Its not my thing – I for some reason find it a waste of time.

Today I am upset because someone so close to me cross-examined “our dreams” the dreams we had built together from childhood. Yes agreed; Maybe I do dream too much but since when has that become such a misery? As far as I remember we were the 20 something year olds with a heart so daring and risky. We were (and If I should only speak about myself now) the ones who would go in gulf greetings (for those who don’t know it’s a store that sells greeting cards and other cute stuff) and pick up the most inspiring Disney ornaments that came out back in 2011.

Since when did all this change? And why hadn’t I realized?  Maybe I have become too determined this time around to really conquer my dreams.
I know with all this determination I have become over organized and maybe on top of things way more than I should be, but if I feel that’s working hard enough otherwise I will just slack off and in conclusion? 0% dream achieved.

I have forever been a dreamer, since childhood and anyone who knows me well enough would know this prominent characteristic of mine. It’s who I am. It’s my DNA. I can’t change it and I wont because there is no harm or shame in being a dreamer. My parents love me for it (even though when I briefly tell them my dreams they think I’m being cute and pat on my back and say (insha Allah) and/or support me through it and as far as I knew, you, were the one who always lead me thorough too and told me that all my hearts “just simple wishes” will come true – that’s why we always had this bond and dream together.

I pray today and everyday that if Allah wills our – or shall I say (my) now? Dreams come true. And even if they don’t I would still be happy because I know that I worked hard enough with 100% organization and 0% slacking. Allah is great so if I wont meet my dream here then I will meet my dream in Jannah (heaven) #oneday insha ALLAH.

I believe in possibilities so don’t be a part of the dream if you don’t want to be and if you DO, quit with the negativity.

Sincerely yours,
The unconditional forever dreamer 


  1. I subscribed to your blog long time ago.. I always wanted to say for you that I like your blog and your style..

    When I read your post, I just found myself saying don't stop dreaming, and work hard, your dreams will become true..

    All big things started with a dream..

    Keep dreaming :D

  2. Dear Anonymous Subscriber,

    thank you so much for your comment! I didnt think i had many visitors since i dont blog so frequently so i would also like to thank you for subscribing :)

    Much appreciated :)

    Have a fabulous day