Monday, November 14, 2011

Brights are Beautiful

Aren't they!?
oh well, i love color and i surely love the creations below.
Im just in my imagination bubble, daydreaming of looks i would pull to wear each and every piece.
Kindly dont burst it and enjoy reading my thoughts below...

Roksanda Illinic

This skirt is an investment you could keep forever.
The color is so unique !
I almost feel like rushing and devouring a tub of pistachio ice cream!
Taste buds initiating a sweet craving!

Stella Mc Cartney

Yellow, yellow dirty fellow!
Never get bored of this color!
Blue trousers, chunky necklace with perfectly defined eyeliner would be a look fashionista's would turn their heads to see!
Sunshine and more sunshine !

Bottega Venetta

Loved the style of this bag! So handy for work and university !
hmmm, perfect to fit a vogue, some credit cards and lots of tiny & sparkly fashionable buys!

Christopher Kane

Oh what should i say about this piece?
Love at first sight
it screams---buy me please!

Christopher Kane

Dance during the day, dance all night, with this awesome dress you can twirl all right!
Yup! For some reason, Chris Kane bought back colorful childhood memories!

*pokes* yes.. I'm back, still loving and dreaming!
Hope you all are too!
Just have fun wherever you go and whatever you do!
Dance in the rain or ride a bike for a mile or two!
Do whatever that makes you smile for hours while loving what you do!

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