Saturday, December 11, 2010

Livin' a little

Roaming around Jumeirah’s beautiful lanes finishing off project errands last friday, Fashionistic Observer and I found something that made our eyes pop.

After some loud shrieking to stop the car we took a u-turn and walked into the store with that brilliantly pink-lit light that caught our eyes. “Vintage” was what it said. On our left side was cartooned painting and on the right was a vintage wardrobe!

Every piece I held up and examined was more stunning than the previous and next one I picked!

“I could live here” I told Maha, owner of the vintage store, Bambah.

A wall of fame, a thick YSL book, Vogue pictures, and mint condition amazing pieces was what made the shop so interesting!

We were also offered some cookies!


  1. Oh' wow! Really cool... Where exactly is this place? Might want to check it out! :-PpP... ~xoHF

  2. Hey H!

    Its on Jumeirah Road, opposite mercato *i think*
    its a villa!

    Thanks for passing by!! ;)