Sunday, July 25, 2010

Those Crazy Days

There is always a “Once Upon A Time…” in everyone’s life story and there’s always a someone we constantly miss!

Sometimes I go back and think how we enjoyed life’s little rendezvous of shopping and buying sparkly shoes!

We sat on that usual corner of ours in Starbucks and analyzed our latest buys.

Those days where diamonds to me as everything was always hip and happening, and nothing could break us down only a drop dead gorgeous piece! It was just so fantastic life was bliss, so glamoratic!

Things are not the same and will never be. Life’s always a phase and unfortunately that’s how its supposed to be.

We must accustom to change and be happy;

With whatever that comes along we may not like but may be good for thee.

I hold on to the memories and cherish them with a lot of conviviality its nice to live life with sparkles and glee!

What we were and what we used to do was sometimes crazy I look back and think… we really were a funny mystery!

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