Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's the Occasion?

Have a high school reunion to attend this summer? A wedding? Or any Other
"Big Deal" Party? Whenever shopping, these time-tested rules by the editors of Glamour magazine:
  • When in Doubt, dress up. Being a little too fancy is alway better than being the only one in jeans.
  • Think long term with special event purchases. Big-night clothes are pricey,yes, but consider them investment in your social life. Go for classic shapes in neutral colors so that you can make them look new with each accessory change.
  • Don't buy something you need to lose weight to fit into. Tell yourself you'll diet your way into it, but why? The last thing you want is to reach to the big day and discover you need pliers to zip up your dream dress. Buy what fits.
  • Remember, lingerie counts. (And if you follow one rule, this is it!) Nighttime clothes often pose a set of lingerie challenges totally different for your day stuff- you might need a halter or something strapless on the top; bulge-control or entirely seamless piece on the bottom. The point: shop for these pieces in advance, and wear them when you try on your "Big Night" outfits.
Glamour's Big Book of Dos & Dont's

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  1. Very true! The first one I don't always keep to but it makes sense.

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